Friday, April 23, 2010

She wore lemon....

I know... I know... I have an unwieldy obsession with yellow and its consuming my life and more importantly my decor.  Despite this, I'm going to add a little more to my lemony collection. I found this precious website called The Beautiful Life.  They have lots of great home accents that are reasonably priced and really funky and almost all have a Parisian essence to them. (And another thing besides yellow that make me happy as a school girl are vintage Parisian-style items. YAY!)  While perusing this site, I came across this amazingly simple print by Sweet Tart-art in the sale section.

While I believe $20 is more than reasonable for this piece of art... I also thought I'd be able to make this myself without a problem for free. So busted out the Adobe Illustrator and I did! 

I'm a lucky gal for many reasons but this time I'm lucky because my dad works for a prominent printing company and will print a high quality copy of this for me to frame. I am going to flank this with 2 of these canvases that I wrote about DIYing in this post and hang these over the kitchen table!

I'm thrilled to see how it is going to work out! I think it'll be warm and lemony and inviting! 

Stay tuned for more from Temporary Nest!


  1. Wow! It looks just like the actual picture. I think it will look really good with the lemon print. My feeling is that if this goes in your new place above the kitchen table it very well could be the focal point of the room....nice job!

  2. Update on this post: My generous dad has made me a few copies of this and will be bringing them to me when he visits in a few short weeks! How exciting!


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