Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lets get messy!

One of the biggest reasons I am moving out of my apartment is that I am a total organizational freak.  I like my house to look a certain way and to have everything in its right place. To me, everything has its home to be put away and out of sight. I like things to be labeled and color coded with the lid on top or the doors shut.  (NB: My biggest pet peeve: not closing drawers or cabinet doors all the way. Why wouldn't you just finish what you started and close it!?) Check out some of the brilliant organizational masterpieces from the mastermind herself... Martha. 

Some of the organizational features that are shown on the Martha website and in the mag, are unrealistic for us renters. Many are built in closets that are the size of my entire apartment! And lets be real: that ain't happenin' for us.  But you don't have to fear opening your closet door for the impending junk crashing down on your head anymore. No ma'am, we can easily pull off something like the shelving and storage boxes above. A few hooks on the door too and you've got a beautiful clean closet. And... if you want to color coordinate your clothes the way Martha has, that's all on you.

Remember that pegboard we saw here, in Joni and Eric's bathroom?
Of course you do! Now, here is another creative use for a crafting and work space. another really doable thing for a renter.  We can't make 800 holes in the wall hanging all those scissors and doodads individually, so the pegboard solves this issue!

I am a HUGE fan of this. They have taken some simple painted bins and tin photo boxes to store some of the "unmentionables" that we all have in our bathrooms. Not only that but they surprisingly used a spice rack that you can find here at The Container Store as a little easily viewable stand for some bathroom goodies! I love it! 

Again, they have used the idea of spice racks with the use of the magnetic spice encasing. Utilizing the metal backdrop, they have magnetic hooks as well. And with all these organizational accessories, you could add or remove or do whatever suits your fancy.

There are certain commonplace organizational rules of thumb.  This is one of them. You can find jars like this in all price points and styles. If you're daring, get 2 coffee and tea canisters in red to jazz up that glass doored kitchen cabinet.  Or go the antique route and get something like this to make a statement on your counter top.

But lets be real here: I am getting way ahead of myself. Before I can organize and label and color code, I am going to have to purge.  I will be tossing some old junk (that seemed like a great idea to keep at the time) and donating some old clothes and shoes that I don't wear anymore.   And doing so is going to get messy!

Stay tuned for the mayhem! 

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