Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Don't Go Breakin' my Heart- err, Dinnerware

On occasion, I'll be perusing the interwebs, usually for furniture or kitchen related items and I will just keep banking ideas in the back of my mental library for things for my new (imaginary) home.  Tonight, I was on Walmart.com checking out their dishes. Four mismatched, plastic Target plates are all we have right now.  If we have more than 4 people eating dinner at once, you're outta luck! So I'd love to invest in some new, matching dinnerware that will last me a while and wont break the bank.

Speaking of breaking, most of these are by Corelle.  A brand who are known for their unbreakable dishes... let me tell you, being a klutz like me, anything unbreakable is key!! Check out the photo montage of heart pounding dinnerware sets that are all really reasonably priced and will last you through move after move after move!

#1: This one is my favorite. The subtle teal-y- sea- foam color is the same color as my bedroom walls and its really serene and I love that its picked up just barely in the trim on the plates! Nothin' wrong with a little shabby chic!

#2: This is another of my favorites! I love that these are feminine but also modern with the squared edges and its got a little air of Asian inspiration!  It almost makes me think of my Almond Blossom art thats over my bed. Remember? You can see it here.

#3: I love that this pattern brings in a really BOLD red! Its a throw back to the Corelle patterns of the 60's/70's that my grandmother had. (And those withstood at least 4 decades and 4 sons and innumerable grand and great grand kids.  ...See what I mean by long term investment?) But the best thing about it is, you could get some classic white plates to break it up and not have to worry about a pattern being discontinued. Gotta love longevity in your purchases! 

# 4: And then there was that classic I was talking about!  The simple white plates. You truly cannot go wrong with these. Have you ever been a dinner guest and seen simple, clean white plates and thought to yourself "Gee, white plates, how retro!" Of course not! They will always be in style and easy to re-match if need be.

#5: Now I love this one because its totally gender neutral. My top 3 are pretty girlie and I cant imagine many guys would be apt to choose those as their top picks. This one is again sleek and simple and not too crazy and wont look dated for quite some time.

#6: Now, this one is not by Corelle and certainly looks pretty fragile to me. I love the regal look of these but I can just see me pulling a Dick VanDyke move while trying to be a savvy hostess and breaking the whole kaboodle! Plus they are a tiny bit more pricey so it would be more expensive to replace.

How about you guys? Did you find your dinnerware online? At a yard sale? Or did you pay a pretty penny and its worth every cent? How about the different patterns?  Are you solid color or bust? Or the patterned way or the highway? I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Stay tuned for more!

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