Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In a Tizzy

I have officially worked myself into a tizzy.  I am so ravenously excited about the move that I am completely jumping ahead of myself. If you saw my layouts in a previous post, you would have seen that they all included a full household of furniture. The kicker? I don't actually own all of it yet. In my imagination however, I have a deep mocha colored storage ottoman or coffee table, matching TV stand with glass paned windows, kitchen table with expandable leaf and the robins egg blue hutch of my dreams.

I do have an adorable little two-seater dining set I got from Walmart last year. But its not quite up to snuff compared to the pricey list I just rattled off.

I got this on the heels of getting my white couch. I had asked the roommates not to eat on it, and in turn bought this dinette set to give them an alternative place to eat. What a nice roommate, right? Well... my good intentions went unseen and Matt and I are the only ones that eat there.

Historical data aside, I will use this in the kitchen of the new place for now. But ever since this moving adventure started, all I have wanted was to gather my friends and family around a big table and cook a lavish meal for them. And, well, I wont be fitting many of them around this little hunka-wood, will I? So the hunt has started for a dark wood rectangular table with a removable leaf and 4 chairs all under $200, and let me tell you... that's a tall order.  It's back to the books for this girl! 

And this dining set debacle is just the tip of the iceberg, so if you find any good deals on any of aforementioned furnishings, leave a comment with the link!

Stay tuned for more on the moving and copious online hunting.

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