Saturday, January 10, 2015

First Wives Club

Happy New Year!  

This New Years Eve was the best night of my life, because I became a Mrs. 

Our First Look!

And I have the best Mr. that I could have ever asked for!

I hope all you Nesters had a wonderful New Year as well and have started 2015 off with a bang!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Passing down the Hobnail

Heya Nesters!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I had the unusual pleasure of having both weekend days off, so I know I did!  With my extra time off, Matt and I went on a little road trip.

I had found a gold mine of a Craigslist ad.  A woman in Bristol, RI was selling some gorgeous hobnail glassware.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I have awesomely crafty bride friends!

Heya Nesters!

Right now, I have six friends {excluding myself, of course} that are engaged. SIX. 

Almost all my fellow brides are pretty stink in' crafty, but my one friend Megan has gone above and beyond the adorable DIY factor.  I asked my friends to be bridesmaids via a hand written personalized note card. Megan took a page out of the Once Wed's book blog and made the most adorable. cards. ever.

What an awesome job did she do!?  She really brought the cuteness factor to another level.  I'm so impressed and happy she shared this with me and is letting me share it with you all!  And as always a big thanks to Once Wed and the blogging community for the endless inspiration that you give all of us betrothed ladies. 

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Reupholstered Ladies Armchair

Heya Nesters!

Now, I promised I wouldn't just write about wedding stuff, so today I am keeping to my promise.  Today is back to my bread and butter … my roots … my thats right, upholstery.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Let's Get This Party Started!

Heya Nesters!

FOREWARNING:  I'm going to write about the wedding.  I promise I won't turn this into strictly a wedding blog, but it's a big honkin' piece of whats going on in Ginaland... that's what we're here for right?  Sharing our day-to-day to feel a little more sane about our crazy lives, no?  So, if weddings aren't your thing, feel free to skip today… otherwise enjoy the wedded bliss! 

We've already done a TON of planning.  I always imagined a summer garden wedding in a clear top tent under the stars, with what felt like candle hanging from the sky and branches growing over your head.  I wanted it to feel like our wedding was in the secret garden that was frozen in time.  Kind of sort of like this...

via Pinterest
While Matt didn't hate the idea, he also wasn't as excited about it as I was. And one day I threw out the idea of having a New Years wedding.  His ears perked up and for the first time he said, "THAT would be cool!" And in the following weeks {mind you, this was before we were engaged…} he went ahead and polled his friends to see if they also would think it was cool, or if it was a bad idea to have a wedding on a holiday.

The consensus? COOL- SUPER COOL.  And it. was. on.


First on the list to find was a venue.  I must admit, I was doing my fair share of research before we were even engaged.  I am lucky to work in the event industry and being a part of several groups that attend events at different venues once or twice a week.  This helped me narrow down what I liked right off the bat.  I decided to stick to the idea of a vintage feeling, and geared my search towards the Historic Mansions in New England.

To make it easier, three of the biggest are within walking distance from our house.

The Gore Place.  It's a gorgeous mansion literally 2 blocks from our house on a working farm with rolling hills, flanked with a carriage house and encapsulated by an old world stone wall, lined with trees.  Matt used to catch frogs here as a child, which made him not find it "special" anymore.  Sadly, scratched from our list.

The Commanders Mansion.  This second gorgeous Watertown mansion, is again perfect for an outdoor tented wedding using the indoor space as a cocktail hour or smaller weddings that want to utilize the space indoors.  They have a great team running the show here and anyone that gets married here would be lucky!  Being that we can't keep a tented area warm enough in December, and we just attended our friends wedding here last summer, this one was also off the list.

The Lyman Estate.  Another gorgeous mansion about a 5 minute drive from us, in Waltham.  Set even further back from the public eye than the Gore Place.  They have a stunning wrap around porch in the back, that meets up with the seasonal tent.  There are several hotels in varying price ranges a short drive down the street, making it easy to get guests bussed back to hotels instead of having anyone drive. The only thing that crossed this venue off the list for me is that the rooms wouldn't be able to hold our entire guest list in one space, which is important to me.  Again, sadly scratched off the list.

The Willowdale Estate.  Further North than the other three, in Topsfield, you'll find this amazing stone mansion hidden in the Bradley Palmer State Park.  I had every intention of getting married here.  I adore the team, the food is exquisite, the mansion is gorgeous in every nook and cranny. But the capacity inside the mansion is 130 people, and we are inviting 150.  I wouldn't want the fire marshall to shut us down because more people showed up than we anticipated!  And then I was told that they booked New Years.  *sad face*

And then there was Tupper Manor.  Further North- in Beverly- right on the water, you will find Tupper Manor at Endicott College.  After talking to more industry friends about what I was looking for, I was encouraged to check it out.  I was originally anxious about the distance for all of our guests, particularly a 45 minute drive on New Years Eve.  However, the biggest selling point for us {aside from being gorgeous} was that they have their own hotel attached. Thats right- there is a hotel with an enclosed walkway that leads directly into the mansion.  That removes the need for us to rent any kind of transportation for the guests yet still ensures their safety and everyone can enjoy their night.  Ah-mazing.

The other part that sold me was the view.  Standing outside the front door, waiting for our tour, we could see straight through the mansion to the ocean.  Matt is a big water kind of guy.  So he loved that aspect.

These windows in the conservatory, look our over the cliff, to the Atlantic.  This also gave me that similar feeling I was looking for in my original garden wedding. Surrounded by trees and not feeling so "inside."

Another big selling point- the groomsmen's room is the Billiards room. Matt could not have been more excited.  This is the only point on the tour, where Matt took a picture.  'Nough said.

And the sweetest part of the venue is the ballroom and its fireplace. There are several fireplaces throughout the space, but this one is often used as the backdrop for the ceremony.

It's a far cry from the garden wedding I originally envisioned but, I could not be more happy with Tupper Manor.  Needless to say, we loved about Tupper and SO much more that I haven't even mentioned.  So….. we booked it!!  Tupper Manor 12/31/14.

Jeez, all this New Years talk makes me want some bubbly…. Cheers, Nesters!!


PS: Happy NYMBFW!!!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Vogue- Strike a pose!

Heya Nesters!

After the proposal, we both made the rounds calling all our friends and family.  When I called one of my oldest friends to tell her the good news, her brother was yelling in the background, "I want to do their engagement photos!!" He is half of the team at Creative Images Boston.

We jumped at the chance to have a friend photograph us, and booked a the first Sunday after the New Year- after all the holiday-mania was over.  And after many weeks of gray, snowy days, the sun broke through the clouds and we snuck down to Great Brook Farm in Carlisle for our shoot.

All images Courtesy of Creative Images Boston

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nov 20, 2013




...don't mind my dry, man-hands.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Meet Mr. Beans

Hi there, Nesters!

I have some awesome news for you all! Remember a bit ago, I told you about Buttons and Rosemary and how we had to give them back and were heart broken?  Well... about a month ago, we went back to the shelter to see if there were any promising puppies to take home and love.  When we didn't find any that we thought would be the right fit, we asked the front desk one more time, if they would let us adopt just Buttons.  {Update! They did eventually let someone else keep just Buttons.  We were not happy campers that day but we decided we love Beans more than we could imagine, and we were happy with how it turned out.}

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Office makeover ... the 1,716th edition and counting...

Heya Nesters!

This office has been my little cube of inspiration.  I don't have to compromise on anything in here. It's all Gina. All the time.  And I've been doing project after project working on this little space. And sometimes they work out. And sometimes they don't.

Not all that long ago this is how the desk side of my office looked.  Then I upped the ante with a new rug and the new desk. 

Yummy, right? The pair really brightened up the space. But it was still really cluttered.  I hated the way there were so many mismatched things on that wall. I needed something that tied it all in together and was kind of organic.  Then I came across Destiny's blog: A Place For Us.  And she had the most inspirational DIY confetti wall

And I am a big hater of "copying," I prefer seeing an inspirational idea and pulling something else out from it, putting your own spin on it.  That's what creativity is.... But this time, I straight up copied.  So I will take no credit for this.- Destiny- I don't know you but your gorgeous office space was jaw dropping and I am a total copycat. I'm sorry and thank you. 

Using Destiny's instructions I went to and found the vinyl dots.  You can then choose what size you'd like.  It would be interesting to use 2 different sizes for confetti, particularly if you were doing a childs' room or  different colors. I went with the smallest 2"dots. Also in the gold. They were $22 for one sheet {which completed my entire wall} and I got a coupon code for 20% off which took care of most of the $5 shipping.

And you'll notice the frame hanging in the center. Well that once was being put to a different use as an inspiration board I had made.

And it just got so busy.  It wasn't inspirational anymore.  It just looked ...messy. So I popped the center back out of it and decided to hang just the blank frame in all its antique glory. 

And that gigantic pair of scissors are temporarily placed there, will hopefully be painted some color and hung in the center.   Now the question is what color?  White or Gold? I feel like the white will look really modern and the gold will just look really cool.  Because everything painted gold looks really cool.  Let me know what you think!!

I will also have to take some pics in the daylight tomorrow. 

So there you have it Nesters! A quick $23 project that took me all of 30 minutes and makes a BIG difference.  It's getting there.  I have a million more projects on my plate coming up.  And we're having the outside of our chipping/flaking house sided starting Monday and we couldn't be more excited!  Soon all the hard work we've put in on the inside will also be evident from the outside!

On a side note, we also went to our friends wedding last night, where Matt was a groomsman. So if you don't follow me on Instagram @temporarynest here's a little snippet:

Beginning of the night: 

End of the night:

Hope you all had a great weekend like we did, Nesters!