Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Puppy Problems

Heya Nesters!

Over the last couple of years, the Mr. and I have talked non-stop about getting a dog. Finally, for this past Christmas I got an IOU for a dog.  Since Matt is a teacher, he is off for the summer and it would be a perfect opportunity for us to take advantage of the time at home, to bond with a new furry friend!

A few weeks ago, Matt and I went to a shelter, and picked out a perfect pair.  They were Jack Russell Terrier mixes, Rosemary and Buttons.


 If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few pics.

They were rescued from an elderly woman who passed away and her dying wish {in the form of a hand written letter} was to have them kept together.  We took them home, thinking it would be perfect for Matt's brother and his girlfriend {who live downstairs} to keep Rosemary who was more high energy like they are.  And for us to keep Buttons who was a couch potato- more like us.  But then crating them together at night.  Well after just a few hours of gleeful doggy playing at home, it was discovered that Rosemary had some serious separation anxiety issues.  She was unable to be with men alone.  The Shelter never knew about this issue because she had only been fostered with a single woman and most of the shelter staff are women. Rosemary flipped when a women left the room.  She went so nuts, she gnawed her own tooth off on her crate.

Sadly, the next day, we had to bring them back.  We knew that was not something that could be truly resolved since they were already 4 yrs old. The shelter apologized for the mishap.  As I mentioned they had never realized the situation. They are still up for adoption together and they wont let us just take buttons because of the note.  They even had them on TV to advertise their adaptability!

Needless to say, we are heartbroken.  Matt's brother and his girlfriend have already adopted another dog and I hate to say it... But while I'm happy for them, I totally bums me out.  They always invite us down to play with the dog, but I don't have the heart. I would probably just start crying.

So, here's where you come in Nesters.  We would love to hear from you guys. We're having trouble finding shelters that actually have dogs that you can go and meet before committing to anything.  We want to be able to meet and play with a dog before we commit.  We want to make sure there is the right chemistry.

We want to find a smaller dog- 20 lbs or under- but most importantly a good temperament. Maybe erring on the side of couch potato just like Buttons but also being able to play and get excited.  We've been looking at Dachshund's, Chihuahua's, Pugs and Frenchies and any mixes therein.  We're also looking for a little bit of an order dog- not a puppy- around 1.5 - 4 yrs old would be perfect.

If anyone has any advice or knows anyone who is looking to surrender a dog, or if you work at a shelter and you're in the New England area, please send along an email.  We just want to provide a loving home for a wonderful dog.  We'd love a little more info on other shelters and any other insight you guys may have on adoption.



  1. Have you used one of the dog breed selector tools online? I find them very helpful in finding the right dog for your needs. Also, I've had better luck getting dogs from breed-specific rescue organizations than from a shelter. The rescue organizations usually house their animals in foster homes where you can go visit them. Usually shelters are so loud and the dogs are so stressed that you can't tell much about their personalities. Also, I've always found it much easier to have two dogs together than just one. I had a dog with extreme separation anxiety, and only having another dog to play with calmed him.

  2. thanks for the tips Dana! We've never much thought of using a breeder when we can give a dog in need a home. But it sounds like it could be a good tool to figure out which breed would work best for us. We've started looking into breed specific rescues. But it's just hard because not many dogs are fostered in the North East. Many of them are closer to you in the Southern states!

    I just dont understand how it works if they are so far, do we have to fly down there to visit? Seems like an ineffective way of adopting pups!?

    Great to hear from you again Dana! xoxo

    1. It's so good to see you blogging again!!!

      I didn't realize that most of the rescue organizations are down here. I guess that would make it really difficult, and you'll probably be better off looking at a shelter in your area. I agree that there are so many dogs in need of homes. I have always had rescue dogs.

      The breed selectors are really good, because it make you think about things you had never considered...like whether you want an affectionate or an independent dog; one that has to go to the groomer once a month or one that is fairly maintenance free; a high energy dog or one that's laid back likes to lie around; one that's OK in a small yard or one that needs a lot of space; one that's good with other animals or is a loner or tends to be aggressive; one that barks a lot or one that's fairly quiet; one that sheds a lot or one that doesn't.


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