Who me?  I'm Gina.  I'm a 27 year old obsessed with my apartment and I write this little blog called Temporary Nest.  Welcome! It started as a blog tracking the journey of going from an unhappy girl with roommates-a-plenty, finding a cheap apartment, and making it look awesome and getting happy again.  There are so many amazing, inspirational blogs out there of couples and families renovating their homes, demoing their ugly master baths and making them modern beauties.  Renters? Nah. We can't do that. Most of us can't even paint our walls!  {I put myself in that category when I signed the lease to my little garden level nest.}  So many renters give up trying to make an apartment their own because they don't own it.  I say, pish posh!  If you live there, you get to make it as fabulous as you want!  And here I am.  I am figuring that dilemma out as I go.

You'll even see my amazing boyfriend, Matt, making regular cameo's here on TN.  He is always my favorite partner in crime when it comes to vintage hunting and antiquing.  He loves that I do what I do and helps in every way he can.  {He's my strong arm.}  So be prepared to see his handsome mug on here as well.

In case you were curious and wanted to know a little more about me...

I was raised about 3 miles outside of Boston in a family of crazy artists. My Mom was an illustrator and my Dad a photographer and color specialist. Growing up, we made everything.   I always thought it was so odd that people bought Christmas ornaments.  We made ours.  Halloween costumes from the store?  I couldn't understand why they were there!  Mom made ours.  My parents never allowed my older brother and I to sit, stagnant and watch TV.  Despite trying to get away with it, we always had to have a pencil/crayon/marker in our hands, creating something... anything. {To this day, there are many movies and TV shows I have heard a million times but never actually 'seen'.}  My brother went to film school and proceeded on to be an internationally revered graphic designer and comic book artist... I'm not nearly as cool as he is but he's got a few years on me. 

After drawing a forests' worth of princess dresses and starting sewing as soon as my feet reached the pedal, I earned a degree in Fashion Design at Syracuse University.  They were the most grueling and rewarding four years of my life. I learned what true dedication was to a craft.  Part of me feels like I didn't go to college the same way most students do.  All you current and post fashion students know the countless nights of sleeping in the studio or more likely: not sleeping at all for days and days in a row.  Now, I use my degree not in the design or sales segment but in the production end of the fashion world-- more specifically Bridal. It's fun and wild and I always have stories to tell.  Fashion will always be my first love, true love. But interiors have certainly occupied my focus for the last several years and I couldn't be happier!

Enough chatting about me.  I hope you all love the blog and keep reading.  Seeing your comments always makes me smile so I'm begging you please leave them and don't forget to become a follower!  Of course if you have any questions or what to chat blog stuff, shoot me an email at temporarynest@gmail.com and we can figure out your dilemma or answer your questions.