Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let the moving be with you...

Heya Nesters!  Well, today is the big Lease Signing Day! *wildly does the happy dance* After I dish out the dough and scribble my John Hancock, it will alllllllllllll be mine. I will hear the happy jingle of keys falling into my pudgy little hand. 

As much as I love my Zumba classes, this week is going to be skipped for the moving process to commence! I have settled all the paper work with my current roommates.  As well as most of the paperwork for the new apartment... And I am mostly packed up as you could see in Tuesdays' post. Since I am not doing the one-big-truck kinda move...

I figure I can kind of fudge it and carry clothes on hangers and shoes in plastic bags...that kinda thing. I don't need boxes with hanging racks or anything crazy. The packing and physical moving part of this whole ordeal is the easy bit. Its all the changes of address that are the biggest pain.

Here's my To-Do list:

1.) Change address with Post Office.... CHECK!
2) Change address with all other bills (bank, car loans, student loans etc etc).... Semi- CHECK!
3) Change of ownership application for cable... CHECK!
4) Get cable/Internet/phone installed in the new place... CHECK!
5) Initiate service for electricity in the new place (heat and hot water included! woo!)...  Not-check....
6) Get all those little things you don't think about: shower curtain rod, toaster, telephone etc etc...
and finally
7) Get my stuff into the apartment and start DECORATING!

We're almost there Nesters.... almost there....

Countdown to Moving Day: 2 Days

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