Tuesday, May 4, 2010

With a Chair-y on Top!

Good Morning Nesters! 
This past weekend, while at an estate sale, I put my bargaining skills to the test! And while getting the cedar chest for $35 was a super-serious markdown, lets not forget the 2 chairs I negotiated picking up for a whopping ten buckaroos!

{Warning: These are admittedly terrible photos and were taken in the basement.
I apologize for the unsightliness of it all.}

Nesters, meet Buttercup's sisters. Sisters, meet the Nesters!  These gals will get a little make up slapped on and some new duds and looks like super models before you know it!

I love that these all have different shapes to them but all have the similar elegant curvature to them. You can even see that someone has already reupholstered the seat cover on this one!  But soon you will see the transformation begin! How exciting!

Stay tuned to see them bare boned and stripped down before their final reveal!

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