Sunday, May 16, 2010

Holy Move Batman!

OK, I'm just going to come right out and say it.... Moving SUCKS. We all know it. Some people try to slap a smile on it and say "its a new beginning" but lets be real no one loves the act of moving.  That's why people hire movers. I lugged an immeasurably small amount of my junk Thursday and Friday evenings.  I thought I was sore after that! HA!  I scoff at that now!  I spent from 8 AM Saturday morning packing the last of things and making trips back and forth from one apartment to the other. Check out how it looked in my living room before I started packing up the car....

Notice the Crate and Barrel pillow covers (that I got for under$2 each!) making a cameo in both of these photos. 

Scary isn't it? It was daunting to say the least. But I jumped in head first. In the early evening on Saturday, after a break for a lovely birthday dinner for Mom, she insisted on helping me with a load in her car, which is a Subaru, and is slightly larger than my little (but holds a lot!) Mazda.

{this is not my car but this is what it looks like... mines' got a little more wear and tear... *cough cough*}

We took quite a bit with us and got it in the new apartment in a jiffy!  I spent my final night in the apartment last night in an awfully empty house.  My eyes popped open this morning around 5:30 AM.  The cable guy was coming at the new place at 8 so I knew I had lots of work to do before then, so I hit the ground running.

Another car load later, and the cable guy was there bright and early. Things are pretty much in right now. I am actually sitting at my desk as I write this. I am just waiting on my wonderful boyfriend to help me move the biggest of the furniture. And then we'll be 100% done. YAY! *Happy Dance*

Tomorrow, you will get the first shots of the new apartment so don't forget to check back!

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