Friday, May 7, 2010

Let there be light!

I am a strong believer that everyone needs a little glitz and glamour. Some people wear it on their person by way of designer clothes or bling... and others do it at home... with a chandelier.

Remember this bathroom that I love?... get ready to swoon...

Are you swooning and ready to install your own chandelier? Now, I would recommend getting an electrician in to do the small rewiring job but it might very well be worth the small investment and still wouldn't be ruining your home for the next tenants.  If you want to be ambitious and don't mind taking your own life into your hands you can check out this DIY network How-To step by step directions on how to install every kind of light fixture imaginable.  I would of course always recommend hiring a licensed electrician which should only run you around $100 to $150 and you will know that it was done properly and safely the first time around and you will have no worries ever after. 

So I started taking a peek on Craigslist, the way I usually do. And I found some really amazing chandeliers on there. Take this one for example....

The picture isn't so hot and it looks a little dated in gold but spray this white and suddenly you will have a super girlie, romantic chandelier that I would totally love to put in my bedroom.

Now, this hot little number is called a Tole Chandelier. The name denotes this mid-century, multi-colored floral design. Many are far more elaborate than this one but I can see this inspiring me by hanging over my desk.  To see more Tole chandeliers, go and check out this blog post on Matters of Style.

And then there is a totally different kind of statement to make.  Erase all the bling and you have the anti-chandelier.  Molly, my sister-in-law, loves the idea of having an antler chandelier. We've even started talking about DIYing one! I guess that explains why shes okay with the taxidermy.......

What I'd really love would be to have one chandelier in each room all with a different mood.
The kitchen would have to be glitzy with crystals galore! The bedroom have a white be-ribbon, romantic one like the one above. And lastly, a colorful, fun, vintage Tole chandelier for over my desk.

What about you guys? Do you love all chandeliers all the time? Or do you loath them? All recessed lighting all the time!!

Stay tuned for more!

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  1. awesome as always, your images are indeed making me swooooon. yes! your place is going to be uber-romantic, i can see that already
    great eye


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