Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Da Search for Damask

You've already seen a picture of my sterile bedroom that is in some dire need of TLC.

While its a good start, it's undoubtedly lack-luster. 

 After some thought and deliberation of how to bridge the gap over the headboard.  I am on the hunt for some Damask wallpaper to hang behind my headboard.  I had considered a mirror, hanging the Almond blossoms art from my prior apartment, or perhaps even keeping it bare. 

But none of those options truly ticked my fancy. I was discouraged when I thought back to what my realtor, Jeanne, proclaimed, "No paint, no wallpaper or wallpaper borders!" While I can fully understand why this would be problematic as a landlord, I have a plan up my sleeve to adhere the wallpaper without ruining the walls. Stay tuned for the execution of that project!

{My ultra-swoon-worthy inspiration images}

Don't they almost make you want to weep like a small child? 
Oh... {sigh} ...what I wouldn't give for infinite amounts of money and space. 

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  1. Hey Gina,
    I like your blog. I love the damask idea. I think it will pull the behind the bed scene together. I've been floating that one around too. It was nice to see you the other day, we will have to have dinner this summer!! See you around the old neighborhood.



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