Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gina vs. Packing

I got bit by the packing bug.  It must be the excitement of the impending move that has really lit the fire under my derriere.  Everyone in my small company knows about my move {perhaps from the shrieks of delight when I first learned I was approved on this apartment} and brings me boxes every chance they get.  Boy, oh boy have I put those to good use!

My apartment is so bare that its echoing! 

I have way too much stuff for one single young lady.

I am an admittedly terrible packer. Notice, the clock sitting on top of the wine rack and the food processor in the cooler with some of the spices. It's terrible and drives some of my family members pretty nuts. For someone who is so organized while unpacked, I don't know how I am so horrific at organizing when it would actually come in handy. I do try to label every box as specifically as possible. But it just still looks like a holy mess. Thursday is the signing of the lease and dishing out some more cashola and then its MINE! ALL MINE! {insert evil cackle here}

Stay tuned for more on packing and what's more exciting.. UN-packing!  

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