Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A little more coffee talk...

If you walk into my new apartment there is one major puzzle piece missing: the coffee table.
I know, I know... I've already gone over coffee tables in this post, you probably thought I already had this one from World Market:

But I keep having second thoughts about it!  Do you ever have those moments? Where you find that piece of furniture {or clothing} that is perfect, but you just quite can't get yourself to commit to buy it because there might be something better out there? Well, I had one of those moments. I just know that I can do something so much more fun and interesting than buying a plain ol' coffee table. Or if I do just go the traditional route of purchasing, I want to see it in person first. There's nothing worse than making a big investment and being unhappy when you receive it.

So, now I'm at a stalemate with myself.
I've found a few other inspirational pieces (ie: too expensive so I'm looking for something like it but cheaper)...

I think the thing that keeps me from investing in one of these fabu occasion tables, is knowing the insane bargains I got on the cedar chest {$35} and on the night stand {$2} and I'm holding out for that perfect DIY yard sale find. This weekend's nice weather will surely call for some erratic driving and pulling over at lightning speed.

So I'm right back to where I started: sans coffee table. *sigh* C'est la vie. I will surely find the right piece eventually... at the right yard sale.

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  1. i agree an old coffee table with character is what you need to juxtapose with your new sofa. that's just my vote. i know u will find one!
    you are the ulimate hunter.


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