Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Estate of Things...

This morning, with ice coffees in hand, Matt and I set off for a second hand furniture store in Northern Massachusetts.  Being that it is arguably the most perfect Spring day Boston has ever seen, we rolled down the windows and let the winds whip through our hair! Wait, whats that? I think its the smell of a good bargain in the air!

About 30 minutes later, we pulled up to the Consignment Corner.  We made the trek to take a peek at this cedar chest for $125 in hopes of talking them down to at least $100 and I could use it as a TV stand.

When we found it up-close-and-personal, we were actually kind of sad that they painted it the distressed white. It must have looked beautiful with its original wood coloring.  The inside was preserved so well with the original labels on it, giving it a moth proof seal of approval!  And while all that original labeling was cool and maybe even worth something... I wasn't as taken with it as I thought I would be.  

What did catch my eye was this hutch for sale...

It's painted a shabby chic matte white right now but I think it would be a perfect candidate for some blue paint! And then it may have the similar weightless feel as the one I have a crush on...

Sadly, there was no way this would be fitting in the trunk of my car, so we left empty handed, but with some good ideas bobbling around in our head.

Luckily, on our way back to Beantown, I remembered my neighbor, Jennie, had mentioned a great estate sale she visited in the next town over.  Matt threw the street name(that I miraculously recalled) into the GPS and off we went! On the lawn sat a row of 10 different chairs with a sign that read "ALL CHAIRS $10"  That's right up my alley! You remember Buttercup don't you?  I was smooth enough to talk the owners down to 2 chairs for $10.  Yay for more DIY projects! 

But most importantly, I found a cedar chest that I liked even better than the white one above. It's going to need some refurbishing but it was worth the whopping $35 I paid for it. Yes, you read me right, only $35! To think, I was going to spend three times that amount for the one above! Excuse me while I pat myself (and Matt) on the back for that find. *pat pat pat* 

We've got big dreams for this chest and you will be there the whole way! I will be posting pictures of the finds tomorrow when I can manage to get them out of my car. Right now the three are puzzle pieces fitting in my little hatch back.

Stay tuned for more about these finds and the ideas for each one!

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