Monday, May 10, 2010

Outlet daze

For those of you Nesters which are from New England, you're probably familiar with the Kittery Premium Outlets.  For those of you who aren't, this haven lives just about an hour North of Boston on the Maine/ New Hampshire line.  It's also a short 15 minute drive from what used to be my Grandparents house (now my cousin, Lisa's) in York Beach, ME.  After a family visit on Mothers day I had my sights set on some shopping. One outlet in particular: Crate and Barrel.

After one swoop around the store. I made my second with a discerning eye. I found 2 little bitties that caught my eye. The Midori Pillow.  The color combination caught my eye...
...and has such wonderful texture that's soft and inviting for a little cat nap. I was even more delighted to see that this pillow cover was only $1.95 each!  Yes, you heard right, folks, it was just the cover but it will be no problem to fill it with some batting and zip it right up!  Crate and Barrel offers pillow inserts for sale which are actually a pretty decent deal from $6 to $15 each.  But I am allergic to down {thumbs down for being allergic to down} so I am opting for a down alternative pillow batting from the local craft store. So I picked up 2 of 'em.
Take a look at my couch as it is now. Please ignore the terrible, off centered art above the couch... that will thankfully be left behind in the move, as it is owned by my roommate. Notice anything else terrible in this picture? Yep, you got it! The pillows. I know, I know.... I have nightmares about them too. Just don't look them directly in the eye and they won't hurt you.

Despite their awfulness, I have them and they're coming with me because they came with the couch. The other side is a lovely matching microfiber. I am going to take these from bland Aztec wannabes to romantic chic by covering these with a nice deep chocolate brown.  I am still on the search for the perfect fabric. I will be filling you in on that journey and the DIY steps shortly.

Sadly, the covers from Crate and Barrel are an odd rectangular shape that is not common to mass-produced throw pillows. (I'm sure you've noticed that most are square.) So I cant just stuff these pillows into my new cover. Oh well ... all the more excuse for another DIY project once I move in!

Well Nesters, I'll be getting the keys to my place on Thursday and I'm as giddy as a school girl!! There are so many fun projects are on the way for your enjoyment! Stay tuned to see how it all goes!

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