Monday, May 17, 2010

The Princess and the Pea

Well if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a BIG BABY.  I have lots of idiosyncrasies and pet peeves like most people. Besides my biggest fear in life being worms *shudder*  -- I am a big baby when it comes to scratchy bed linens.  I should never have gotten that set of 600-thread-count sheets from Target... they have spoiled me!

Do you remember this post about all the elements I wanted in my bedroom?  I bought the 300-thread-count Springmaid sheet set and got it on sale to boot!! And of course we all know about my beloved duvet.  I was so thrilled to put the two together in perfect harmony...

....until I went to bed. I was so happy to finally be done unpacking and was so exhausted.  I got in and nuzzled my face into the blue pillow and I could nearly hear scratching of the pillow cases on my face. Yikes! My legs were getting a nice microdermabrasion from the sheets as well. I had one heck of a restless night's sleep. I'm sure much of it was attributed to the long weekend I've had and the fact that I was sleeping in a new place for the first time but I couldn't help but think of the fairytale the Princess and the Pea.  You guys remember it, don't you? After all, only Princesses can feel a pea from under 30 mattresses.  And only a spoiled 600-thread-counter, can't sleep with 300-thread-count sheets. Oh well, I'll just have to wash them a few times and soften them up a little!

Stay tuned for more on the new homestead!!

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