Thursday, April 1, 2010


My name is Gina, and I am a duvetaholic.

I love duvet covers. Even as a kid I would get the Company Store kids catalog and dog-ear the pages of the duvets (really the entire room set up, but mostly the duvet and sheet set) that I wanted and would show my mom... as if money grew on trees! Ha! But just about once a year she would humor me and get some flowery pink or purple duvet. As I have gotten older (and wiser?), the pink and purple has subsided and my decorative eye has broadened and become more clean.  And today I gave in to my duvetaholic tendency and I got a great bargain on another cover!

Isn't it stunning? I got a great deal from Smart  You can find the duvet here and sheets here.  Such a fantastic site for bedding! Go see for yourself!! I only bought the duvet cover in white with a chocolate print and I'm going to keep is super clean and use it with white sheets. I think with the chocolate it gets a little too overwhelming, considering all the other colors and items I have going on in my boudoir.

This should be delivered in about 2 weeks and I am going to keep it sealed up tight until I move into my new place. (Which means it very well could be 5 months until I open this...) Its going to be my housewarming present to myself. And I cannot wait!

As always... stay tuned!

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