Thursday, April 8, 2010

Inspirational Spaces

Hey... hey you! 

....Yeah you... with the mouse in hand! Take that mouse and scroll down the screen to the Bloggeriffic! section on the right side of the screen. Got that far? Good! Ok so, see that link to Apartment Therapy? Great! Well, this blog entry is an homage to some of the wonderful inspirational spaces that are featured on that site.  So, once you're done reading this (c'mon gotta stay loyal, right?) your best bet is to go peruse theirs. Without further ado take a look-see at some of the more clever snippits of decor that make me gasp out loud at my laptop....  For the whole homestead check out  Joni and Eric's home tour.

I thought this was pretty appropriate considering the whole "Temporary Nest" thing....  I might have to steal this idea for my new place!

Now, when Matt and I made our journey to the Jewett City Flea Market in Connecticut a few weeks back, I saw and fell in love with a giant wooden library card catalogue very simiar to this one. I passed because it was missing quite a few of the drawers. But now I know for sure that I will be purchasing one (and maybe refinishing it) whether it be now or later. And it will go in my sewing room and hold all kinds of amazing notions and trims. Don't worry, you'll be there when it happens.

When I saw this ... I actually exclaimed out loud "HOW CLEVER!" I think this is actually brilliant and I love that they trimmed it with a little splash of color! Used in a kids bathroom, this can grow with them. Towels can be hung lower when their just a tot and higher when they shoot up in the teen years! As well as giving you the ability to add and remove hooks or baskets. LOVE IT!


Now, for another couple of Apartment Therapy juicy diggs.

I am in love with this entire thing ... minus the tree sitting in the middle of the room. I'm not a huge fan of that. Maybe I'm just an "indoors" kinda gal (I suppose hence the interior design affinity) but that is a little too lumberjack for me. But that couch is calling me name, those golden pillows are GLAM! And I want to know where they got those botanical and entomologial illustrations-- I want 'em.  This tripod-esque floor lamp is reminiscent of my father's lamp on his side table, don't you think?

If I had infinite space, I think my bedroom would look a whole lot like this. This French Country/Cottage style bed is lush and the sheepskin throw rug is so lux, but I wish it were a tad bigger  for proportions' sake. But I love the delicate nightstand next to the heaviness of the bed frame. The mural is funky and brings this room into a different category-- sets it apart from all the other chandelier-clad bedrooms. Instead of imagining hearing classical music playing in this room, I hear Adele belting it out. 

Well I hope you enjoyed these few things that keep me on my toes and keep me thinking!

What is your favorite item you own? Is it your sheepskin rug? Or a gold pillow? Or what is the one thing you cannot wait to replace? Maybe an ugly pink ottoman?  Or a wooden one for that matter? Inquiring minds want to know!

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