Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Kid on the Block

I was starting to get concerned that putting my roommates to the task of interviewing and solidifying a replacement for me was not in my best interest. I had gotten upwards of 25 emails regarding the ad that I had forwarded to them.  They had only interviewed 5 and there was no discernible movement on it.  Luckily, I got an email today telling me that they had a second interview with a girl that she has accepted their offer and are sending her the paperwork to get things started!

WOOHOO! *pumps fists in air wildly*

I really hate all the financial hoops that we all have to jump through in order to get all this settled but they have to be dealt with.  And when I started this, I told you I was going to take you on my journey of finding a new place and moving out. This ain't no "OC" here! This is the real deal, Folks.  I'm just a girl tryin' to find some peace and a space to make all my own... and these are the things that we all have to grapple with in order to get to the good stuff. So I will wade through this annoying bit and write about it so we can all know that we're all in the same spot at one point or another. We've all panicked about not getting the place we want, or never having enough money or not being able to find your own replacement.  It's just going to make that pot at the end of the rainbow that much sweeter.

I want to hear about your hardest time moving.  Was it a cross country trip? The movers never showed up? Couldn't fit your favorite couch up the stairs?

Stay tuned....

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