Sunday, April 25, 2010

Timing is everything

I begrudgingly went with my mother on an errand yesterday morning to the Massachusetts coast but I turned out to be at the right place at the right time. On the way back we slammed on the breaks when we saw a yard sale with a promising piece of furniture just waiting for us.  When we walked up the gentleman told us we had just caught the tail end and they were about to shut down. I asked him how much it would be for this cutie nightstand:

He laughed and told me he had just put that out not five minutes before because he forgot about it and said "How's 2 bucks?" I thought he was joking at first, and I told him I only had a 5 and he promptly offered me change! So about ten seconds later, I was two dollars poorer, hauling off this deceivingly heavy nightstand into the back seat. The other bonus is that he had already primed it but hadn't gotten a chance to paint it yet.  So half the work is done for me! YAY! I just need to add the high gloss spray paint so it will be uniform with my current nightstand.

 I love that they will both be the same color and high gloss but will be different. They almost look "His and Hers" don't they? I'm happy I'll have a little spot to put my latest book or foodie magazine.  And when Matt says over, he will have his own spot on his side of the bed. Not to mention, this means I will be able to turn the lamp off before I settle in for the night without having to actually get out of bed, the way I do now. Woo!

Stay tuned to see how this new project turns out!

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