Thursday, April 8, 2010

Priscilla Of Boston Fashion Show!

**Attention Ladies and Gents!**

I am pleased to announce the Priscilla of Boston bridal fashion show is this Saturday night at 7 PM.  If you're interested in watching it live from the comfort of your own home... or even if you're out partying it up, slap it onto your Iphone and emass a group of onlookers over your shoulders and log on to or Priscilla's website to watch! The show will feature all of our brands...

   Melissa Sweet

Sweet Reverie by Melissa Sweet


The Jewel Collection

Priscilla of Boston

and the Platinum Collection

Even if you arent gettin' hitched anytime soon, all bridesmaids lines will be strutted down that catwalk as well and could give you some ideas for cocktail attire trends this Fall! And you know its just plain always fun to see some models walk down the runway!  Get to know the latest and greatest trends in the Bridal world from such a prestigious name with such a long history. 

I'd LOVE to hear from you guys and tell me which ones you liked the best!
As always, Stay tuned!

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