Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Shortly after posting yesterdays entry, I got a call from Jeanne the realtor from the apartment and all was approved! Its officially mine!!

I get to meet with Jeanne again and sign my life away the lease in a couple of weeks. I also get to take advantage of being at the apartment by taking some  measurements. You know what that means..... bust out the graph paper and ruler, kids! We're making a floorspace and furniture mobile lay out!

But more to come on that project after the measurements have been taken.

In the meantime, I came into work today to a huge stack of boxes that people are saving up for me. On day 1 of the moving process I already have 5 boxes without having spared a penny. If I come up short on the box stash, a good idea for us movers out there is to go to your local grocery store.  Often times they have a plethora of boxes in their stock rooms, waiting to be thrown away! So why not recycle a little and give those boxes another life!

First things first, though. I need to get a replacement for myself. As much as I love finding apartments and coveting things on craiglist... this is going to be the new challenge: selling a complete stranger on moving in to my room. Hopefully it will run smoothly (and quickly).

If any of you wonderful readers know someone who is looking for a cheap bedroom in a gorgeous house just a couple miles outside Boston, please send a comment and I will surely email you back!

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