Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sir Lampsalot

My new apartment has one overhead light in the place-- in the kitchen. Kind of a bummer but I also don't use overhead lighting much anyway. I find that light from carefully placed lamps creates a much warmer, cozier ambiance.  And that also means that I get to amass an even larger collection of lamps than I already have. YESSS! I took a little preemptive trip to Home Goods on Tuesday evening and fell in love with a few lamps there. I held back from a purchase figuring that it was a little more than I had wanted to spend and I also don't want to buy more things that I am just going to have to move anyway. If its meant to be one of my beloved lamps will be there by the time I move in. This has also spawned me to do a little online browsing. 


This is a mirrored lamp from Pier One Imports which I was mentioning in yesterday's entry.  The greatest part is that this lamp is on sale! Originally $99 its now $49.48! SOLD!  I imagine two of these would look incredible on two night stands on either side of my bed.  

 Originally, I had wanted something more like this. Add a little "bling" to the bedroom. I adore this gray shade with it, taking it form being uber girlie to chic and gender neutral.  

Straying from the neutrals and all those plain Jane lamp bases this is a fantastic way to add some glorious color into your house. This is much like the lamps I am in love with form Home Goods.  Its simple and retro and colorful! Need I say more??

Although this is a terrible resolution image, I couldn't avoid putting this in this entry to show you.  These shades blow my mind. Taking a simple base that you could find something comparable at Christmas Tree Shops and adding a funky plaid shade and pairing them with some colorful artwork. It makes the perfect little vignette for an entryway.

Lets see if I can decide which style to take home once I move in. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

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