Saturday, April 3, 2010

Excitement Diffused....

I sped home after work to pick up Matt and head out to see the apartment. The first thing we saw as we walked up to the front door of the 5 unit building was the basement apartment (directly below the available apartment) window hosting a torn 30 pack of Coors Light and other pieces of garbage.... not a good sign.  I certainly don't want to live above the party animal/dirty guy.  Who knows what bugs he has in his apartment that could come into mine! Let alone the noise factor... Strike #1.

The layout of the apartment was IDEAL.... 

 .... except for the kitchen. There is no space for a dish drainer!  Strike #2. That wouldn't be a problem if there was a dishwasher.... but there is not. No biggie but having an electric cook-top 4 inches away from the sink doesn't sit very well with me. It would have been completely impossible to cook! Strike #2 1/2.  There is a fan in the wall above the cook top that is open to the outside, so I would have to think of a creative way to attractively cover that up in the winter time so the heat wouldn't escape... perhaps a cute vinyl printed fabric stretched over a canvas frame anchored to the wall with a hinge? Just a thought but also Strike #3. 

If the neighbor had put away his beverage of choice, and the kitchen had been set up better and a teeny tiny bit less dated, perhaps it would be have been doable.  But I could tell I would constantly be cleaning feeling like this kitchen was never clean enough. If it were a condo and I could gut the kitchen and bathroom then.. HECK YES! but you know what 3 strikes mean... you're out!

I am disappointed and had gotten my hopes up. But I have plenty of time until my lease is up to find the perfect place. I just have to be patient. Looks like my duvet is going to sit in its packaging a little longer than I'd hoped. Ho hum.

Stay tuned for more in the hunt!

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