Friday, April 9, 2010


As much as I love my home decor, I love clothes, too. Being that I am not a rich girl, I have to buy at discount retailers like TJMaxx, Marshalls, the outlets and of course, I always am making a bee-line for the sale racks.  And there is a perma-sale rack at this site called

Here's how it works: you sign up (for free!) and they send you an email every day of the boutiques that are available. Each "boutique" which is usually by designer is only available for about 48 hours and there is a timer countin' it down. Things sell out super fast, so you have to make impulsive purchases! And hopefully not regret them after. The greatest part? Not only do they sell high end clothing but they also sell tons of really high end decor, furniture and bedding as well! All at a fraction of the price!

I have resisted every single impulse thus far ...but man, today's was tough. They hosted a Surya Boutique. Surya is an India based hand decor company focusing on hand tufted rugs that started back in the 70's. They are normally astronomically expensive (so much so that they don't have pricing on their website! Can you say cha-ching?) But thanks to RueLaLa they have become accessible to us poor folks. Here are my top picks from the boutique:
I imagine this on a decadent white screened in porch with tons of plants and flowers and some overstuffed white armchairs flocking it and with an antique white washed mantel behind it.
This says happy young but sophisticated bedroom to me, no? It would be a shame to hide this rug at all so I would be sure to place it where all could see!

I think this is my favorite of the bunch. I am a sucker for houndstooth.

This one is a very close second.... I'd love this in a bright airy dining room!

This one is also a work of art and I wouldn't want to cover it up with a big table or bed. To me this is such a statement and really can set the tone of a home so put it where you get your first impression, right in the front foyer.
 And now onto the throw pillows.... This one on a strictly white duvet with sage and gray sheets.
These are a little outrageous but talk about setting the tone! MOOOOO! Its so fun!

These are a great mixer pillow you can pull any of these colors and get a solid pillow to go with it and it would look totally fantastic!

These are so chic. The satin is so luxurious and I love the tone on tone peacock print! Put these in a sleek romantic bedroom with a thousand others and just relish in the plushness! I LOVE these!

Again these are super fun and young and kinda rock 'n' roll!

These are so sweet. They make me think of a debutante's huge bedroom in her huge southern plantation home. 

Well that's it folks, take a look at those sites I gave you up top!
How do you guys feel about throw pillows? Do you love TONS or do you hate them and want them banned from all beds and couches everywhere?

Stay tuned for news in the hunt!!!

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