Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Hall of Pictures....

I am in love with a photo gallery frame from gift connoisseurs Red Envelope.  They have all kinds of doodads and knicknacks for the fam or the one that makes your heart go "thump thump".  But this time... my beloved is my apartment and I want to get it a gift....

Now, this Hall Gallery Frame Set is the one I love but its kind of pricey. This and its other gallery frame family members: Delux and Wall, range from around 65 buckeroos to around 90.  Yowza! For a frame?! I know. Its crazy. So I'm thinking of takling this concept on my own.

If I grab a few different sized black frames with mats from Christmas Tree shops at around 3 bux a pop (if you dont have Christmas Tree Shops in your area the Dollar Tree will ship in bulk from their online store!)  And then just run to your local Home Depot for a few of these screw eyes:
And a few of these screw hooks:

And not to mention a simple, curatin rod from which to hang them:
With all of these elements combined ...along with some geometry skills to figure out how to balance them and make them hang straight, I think you could make your very own Hall Gallery Frame Set for well under $90.

So, whattaya think? Worth a shot? Any frame builders out there in readerland willing to give us a few tips?

As always stay tuned!

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