Monday, April 12, 2010

Restless nights...

Last night I barely slept. I was so nervous and excited to hear about this apartment that I laid awake forcing my eyes shut only to have them bounce back open again.  I had to turn my TV on to the tune of Platinum Weddings to finally lull me to sleep. Hearing that someone spent $206 thousand dollars on custom Swarovski Crystal encrusted table linens was comforting and made me feel that my deposit to the realtor was pocket change and not an insane spur of the moment decision.
(If you didnt know: This is what I look like lying awake at 2 AM)

All I could think about was the "what ifs" of getting this apartment. If I get it... am I going to be able to find someone to take my room at my apartment now? What if the landlord doesnt let me out of the lease? What should I pack first? Where am I going to get boxes? Am I going to have to rent a truck or can I borrow one from someone?

Where the heck am I going to put this?

The worst of all is that without a single measurement of the place I am creating a lay out of the furniture in my minds eye. Eyeballing what is going to fit where.  Which painting to hang over the couch? I've already started the debate in my own head: Kitchen table? Or butcher block in order to add work space?

My mind is spinning.

Even now, I am waiting for the call from the realtor to let me know if I got it or not. What if I dont get it?
All this guessing and planning and hypothesizing... all before I even know I am moving!  I guess this is just what happens to people when they're on their quest for their new home. There are excitements and disappointments and excitements again. 

For now I am waiting with baited breath for my phone to chime with good news waiting on the other end.

Stay tuned to hear how it all turns out...

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