Friday, April 16, 2010

Nighty night!

My mom as you have seen in other posts is an imaginative soul and always sees the potential in things. So how does this manifest itself, you ask? Trash picking. Yep, you got it. If its trash day at the end of a popular moving month, you bet my mom on her way home from the grocery store is driving 1 mile per hour down the street eyeballing every dilapidated bookshelf and torn up chair. As a kid I was so embarrassed. As a [semi]adult I am benefiting from this quirk.  She found this leather arm chair in the trash years ago and saved it in the basement until either my brother moved back to the East coast or I got my own apartment. Low and behold when I got my first apartment out of college, I busted the modern chair out of the basement and hauled it over to my new homestead and it has stuck with me since. My brother's even tried to barter with me for it. Not happenin' Joey Dearest... you snooze, you lose. Isn't she a beaut?

My beloved night stand that has been through many a DIY project was also the perfect trash pick by the one and only, Mom.

Now my most recent undertaking is another recycled nightstand but this time I am fixing it up for my best friend and cousin, Lexie. She and I love to talk decor and style incessantly. We are constantly emailing each other pictures of rooms, decor or clothes we love.  We've been eyeing the glitzy mirrored Hayworth furniture collection from Pier 1.

It's so lavish and over the top its tough to have all the pieces together in one room!  You absolutely must mix and match in order for it not to look like a carnival mirror house! Scary.  So here's the deal:

Lexie has a throw pillow from West Elm that she has loved for ages. Its got a great color scheme and is feminine with out being "girly". So we thought we'd pull a color out of that and paint the frame of the night stand this gorgeous color by our fave girl from the block, Martha Stewarts' paint collection! The color is called Plumage. And as you can see, is a sensational hue of a deep green teal, reminiscent of peacock plumes.... hence the name.

I am going to tear out the wicker top and front panels and replace them with mirrors as on the Hayworth collection to give it that glam feeling while painting the rest with Plumage to make it less shockingly mirrored. And I haven't quite decided what I am going to do with the drawer pulls but I have a trick up my sleeve that I may be using.

I will take you every step on the way this time. So stay tuned for coverage of the event this weekend!

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