Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Home Not So Sweet Home...

Apartment hunting, I've learned, is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. With the majority of the apartments I have seen, I was intrigued as a designer but not thrilled at the prospect of actually living there.  Excited for the hunt? Sure thing! Encompassed by invisioning how to make each one a swingin' pad? You bet your bottom dollar, Annie! But not really any butterflies. Such was not the case with that last apartment I viewed. If you keep up with my blog, you know I was so elated in this entry and that elation fell severely short as soon as I stepped foot out of my car in this entry.  Ever since I've been pretty downtroddened and a little daunted by this whole experience. I sometimes wonder if there is a place out there that will be my home? 

I sit here writing about this today for me because its cathartic but also because I think everyone hits this point in their own house hunt. (I suppose unless you are incredibly lucky.)  Will I ever find the place that will have absolutely everything I could want? Probably not!  And I'm sure I will have to make compromises. Everyone does, unless you build you house from the ground up. And these days not many people can afford that. I cant afford much. I said in my first entry that I am not a rich girl and all the apartments that I love (that arent ostentatious by any means, but just that slight step above what I've been seeing) are just out of my top price range. Bummah, right?

On the bright side, I refuse to give up. I will not let this get me down for good and I havent stopped looking on line at Craigslist and Boston.com.  And in fact I am hopefully in the process of setting up a few viewings for Saturday afternoon. And I even have one today! Though the one today is a very very small studio so I'm not sure how I feel about it... but my landlord also owns the studio and insists that I come see it. So who knows, maybe it will be the place I fall in love with, right?  All I can do in the meantime is pick myself up by my bootstraps, keep a positive, open mind and keep looking and keep blogging. Just keep on keepin' on.

Stay tuned for more trials and tribulations (and hopefully successes) in the hunt!

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