Sunday, April 25, 2010

Boudior Elements

So I made a little trip to Target today and found a million things that I wanted to buy. (But doesn't that sound like every trip to Target?) I may have walked out empty handed but I also walked out riddled with ideas. I decided to wait until I move in to my apartment before I buy a million decor doodads. It ends up just being more to move! I know that I have shown you all piece by piece how my room will shape up... but with my new-found inspiration, I whipped up a little mood board to show you how the major elements of my boudoir that will all come together. 

Starting clockwise from the top left:

1) The white, gauzy Wilma curtains are $9.99 per pair from IKEA that I already have 2 pairs. Gotta use what I already have, right!?

2) I already have a set of white 600 Thread-count sheets from Target but I want to get an additional set also from Target by the brand Springmaid in Sea Mist to bring a little more color into the room. I have a tendency to make everything white or ivory (maybe by the influence of my career?) and I need some color to brighten up the place!

3) I'll keep things clean and get a tailored bed skirt (From where?? Oh yeah...Target of course!) to hide all that junk I store under there.

4) Everyone's well aware of my beloved yellow IKEA dresser that they don't make in yellow anymore. Boo!

5)  I loooove these curtains. They are a gentle chiffon sheer and are another element of added color to the otherwise bland room. I would love to get 3 panels of these and layer them between the 4 white panels creating this texture and color variance and keeping the window treatments interesting!

6) You remember my duvet-aholic tendencies don't you?  Cant wait to dress my bed up! 

7) I have the worst affinity for faux shag area rugs that I almost hate to admit it. I really love the texture this rug brings into the room. Hopefully it could take the attention away from the wall to wall carpeting throughout the bedroom.

8) And finally, you can find this optic sea glass lamp at Crate and Barrel. I had the luck of finding two of these exact same lamps in clear glass from Christmas Tree Shops for a mere $20 each. Which will go on my 2 nightstands on either side of the bed. 

9) Lastly the background of the mood board is Vincent VanGogh's Almond Blossom print which I got for ridiculously cheap from Poster Revolution on Amazon.

I can't wait to get this all together and be able to show you the vision I have in my overly enthusiastic brain. 
Stay tuned for more from Temporary Nest!

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