Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hello Nesters!  I promised you pictures of the highly hyped new apartment and now is the time! I've talked a whole lot about organization and I boast that this can be one of my fortes'.  I am weary of showing you my scary, scary apartment when it was mid-move, but here goes:

Here's a shot of the front door to the apartment and all the junk I dropped as soon as I walked in. 

And this is a peek at the entrance to the kitchen from the living room. Opposite the white linen cabinet is the very beige bathroom which I will be showing you soon.

Oh look! Its my little jam packed kitchen! If I had to share this kitchen with someone else, there would be an issue because I did a really good job at filling every single cabinet! Another little treat with this apartment is that the stove and fridge are brand-spankin-new. YAY! {still not gas.... but what can you do}

In the bedroom, I tested out layering the same Ikea Wilma curtains I used to have in my old bedroom with the Ikea Sarita curtains that used call the office "home".  I had high hopes for this layering effect with the white and blue but I was terribly disappointed and took them down shortly after this photo was taken. What can I say, it's a work in progress. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures of the house cleaned up and with some initial decorating in play!

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