Friday, May 28, 2010

A Zen Bedroom

Hey Nesters! Today I've got something a little different for you.  We are venturing from our makeshift nests over to my friends new Birdhouse. (Ok, ok... enough with the analogy...)  My friend and former fellow Nicole Miller intern, Perrine, and her twin sister Phoebe just bought their first condo in San Fransisco.  I was so flattered when she asked me for advice in decorating her new blank slate.  What a better place to be hunting for cool furniture than the heartily-design-infused San Francisco?!  There are cool vintage shops and boutiques on every street corner!!!  I think I just got a little faint thinking about the amount of money I could {and would} spend in that city.

{everywhere you look, there's a heart that's here to hold on to...}

 As soon as she closed on the condo, Perrine picked up Domino, the book by the creators of the home decorating magazine, Domino. It has brilliant photographs and helpful tips on how to best make your home exactly what you envision it to be.

Perrine has specified a few things that she likes and I've started by doing a little googling. The first thing she said was that she wanted it to be serene and calming and the color she wanted to use to achieve that was a light blue. Perfect. And after a few photo exchanges we figured out she likes a more mid century look with clean lines and darker wood stains but also with a hint of romanticism. She's a girl that loves a little bit of over-the-top/glam, so we want a chandelier in there.  {This is one of those things that as a restricted renter, I wish I could do... *sigh*}

This is the first image that really struck a cord with me...

The art depicting the geese flocking overhead felt so peaceful to me and all the different fabrics juxtaposed in one space makes it look so lush.  But Perrine immediately said she wasn't loving the tufted headboard. Not a problem. Wooden headboard it is.

I fear that this might be a bit too classical for Perrine. As we had discussed, dark wood is our target. But the mirror and molding on the soft blue walls and the simple white linens with blue quilt would be a great fit in a her room.

This room has comfortable written all over it! The {what looks like} chenille armchair and the down comforter piled high on the canopy bed looks like a pool full of feathers, that I am ready to jump into like George McDuck! But somehow this is just a bit too New England cottage for what Perrine is looking for. Let the search keep going.

This is it.

The chandelier that is subtle and chic, above the sensational pull-tab dresser that has the perfect darker stain but not too dark to blend in with the hardwood floors. The wall color is the perfect icy blue.  Again the armchairs with throws that are infinitely inviting.  This room has so much light, as does Perrine's and I think we have found our perfect inspirational space to start really working off of.

What do you think, Nesters? What do you want your space to be like? Serene and calming- with hues of blue? Fun and funky- Go ahead and use every color in the rainbow!? Or Sweet and Cozy- pink and white all over! Or what about a forest green- keeping it masculine?  Inquiring minds what to know!

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  1. I love the mirror in the last picture. i blogged about something similar.


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