Monday, May 17, 2010

The Green Dahlia

Heya Nesters, I just had to come to you with a quick post of some great furniture I came across on I've always got entertaining on the brain, namely: serving people food. So when I stumbled across this gorgeous chair I couldn't help but imagine a whole modern dining room and chic gourmet meal displayed for all to see.

Isn't it breathtaking?  Its called the Dahlia Chair and it will run you around a hundred bucks each and they come in white and black as well. They're super modern but its interesting and feminine and inviting.  Now, to me this screams "head of the table" and you don't want to spoil the special-ocity of this chair so I would only pick up two and then pair them with simple, clean lined and cheap Modern Stacking Chairs.

And get this... they're only $70 a pair! So this can allow you to buy the two head-of-the-table chairs at a little higher price if you can get four additional chairs for only $140. And lets be real... the green Dahlia chair would look phenomenal sat next to either one of these colors. (Espresso or White.)

Now you cant have dining chairs without a table! This is the tough part- the table.  Sometimes pairing modern with more modern can look a liiiiittle wacky....


And sometimes you can get away with pairing it with a really rustic table...

{I am in love with this whole set up}

But I think for these chairs we need something that is classic and modern at the same time.... perhaps something like this...

It has the shape of an old farmhouse table that you would find in so many New England homes with an nod to the wooden Turned-Legged chairs but keeps it ultra modern with the sleek materials that were used. Did you just hear my heart skip a beat? I did.

To finish off the look, add an accent wall of a crazy colored flocked wallpaper to bring in little bit of vintage feel...

Ugh! I would kill for a dining room that I could wallpaper at my liesure! Alas, we are renters so no-can-do. But it was nice to imagine, right?

And to think... this all came from seeing one measly little chair on

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  1. Love the Dahlia Chair. It's amazing what you can find from Target! It's also amazing how much money I can spend there :o)


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