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Nov 20, 2013




...don't mind my dry, man-hands.

In the last year or so, I started getting a little antsy about getting engaged.  I thought "I'm rounding out my last couple years of my 20's and want to start a family. Let's get this show on the road, buddy."  So, when I was 28, I gave him a deadline of my 29th birthday to propose.  That's right a deadline.  Not to be confused with an "ultimatum!"  When I told people that I gave him a deadline, they assumed it was an "if, then" situation.  But it wasn't.  I knew we wanted to marry each other.  I was just giving him a realistic time frame to propose within.

So, about a week before my birthday,  I headed to Cleveland, OH for a business trip.  I was only gone for about 3 days and compared to some of the trips I've been on- this is a drop in the bucket.  But Matt insisted on picking me up from the airport.  This was a bit of a tip off for me, since after my 3 week long trips to China, he assured me that my taking a cab home from the airport was easier.... Needless to say, it was an anxious 2 hour flight home to Boston.

He was sitting waiting just outside security for me.  After meeting my travel partners- including my boss- he told me he forgot his jacket at the restaurant in the terminal where he had been waiting.  So, we walked back to the restaurant as I insisted that it wasn't a big deal- it wasnt an expensive jacket, I can go get him another one…  Once we got to the door, I wanted to wait outside so I could avoid having to weave my luggage through the tables tightly knit tables.   But he was persistent that I should join him. I was more annoyed than anything at this point.  He walked up to the manager and she told us to take a seat while she went looking for his coat.  She directed us to sit in a closed section of the restaurant.  This is when I flipped the switch from annoyed to extremely suspicious...

As soon as we sat down, he stood back up and said "I actually didn't forget my coat at all.  I just thought this would be a better place for someone to take a picture when I asked you to marry me."  and he got down on one knee and brought out my gorgeous, perfect ring.

Nov 20th 2013
Of course I said yes and started crying and hugged and kissed my adorable new fiancĂ©.  The manager gave us two glasses of champagne for a toast and snuggled and made a few phone calls to family and friends. And giggled and giggled and smooched and snuggled some more.

It was sweet ...and shocking ….and surreal ...and I couldn't have asked for anything more special.

Well… I could have asked for ONE more thing…. other than the image above, which Matt asked them to take with his phone… the waitstaff that took pictures of us while Matt proposed did not send us a single. picture.  They also said they would post it on their Facebook page, which they didn't do either.  I don't know why they wouldn't send it along but that really chaps my ass that some stranger has my memories captured on their phone but I don't ….grrr.

So, let me know what you think!? Did you have someone take a picture while your hubby/betrothed popped the question?  Should I call or does that make me a stalker?  Lots of the planning is already in the works, and I will fill you in on the fun stuff very soon!


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  1. Congratulations, Gina! I'm so happy for you and Matt. Your ring is absolutely gorgeous. And, yes, I'd definitely call and remind the people to send the pictures.


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