Monday, September 9, 2013

Meet Mr. Beans

Hi there, Nesters!

I have some awesome news for you all! Remember a bit ago, I told you about Buttons and Rosemary and how we had to give them back and were heart broken?  Well... about a month ago, we went back to the shelter to see if there were any promising puppies to take home and love.  When we didn't find any that we thought would be the right fit, we asked the front desk one more time, if they would let us adopt just Buttons.  {Update! They did eventually let someone else keep just Buttons.  We were not happy campers that day but we decided we love Beans more than we could imagine, and we were happy with how it turned out.}

While they wouldn't, they did take the time to sit down with us and talk about what kind of dog we were looking for.  After explaining we were mainly looking for a small dog with a good temperament, they sighed and said "Bring out Beans."  And a young volunteer comes out of the office area with a auburn  colored Chihuahua cradled in her arms like a baby.  This was Beans.  He is a 1 to 2 year old male Chihuahua who acted the least like a Chihuahua than either one of us had ever seen.  He was sweet, not skittish at all and just wanted to be snuggled. So we were allowed to take him out in the parking lot for a walk and immediately fell in love with him and his odd tendencies. We signed a paper and we were allowed to take him home from Monday through Friday for a "temporary nest housing" situation to see how he worked with us.

Things started off a little rocky. Matt sat with Beans in the back seat on the way home.  He fussed and fussed and was trying to climb all over the car and he was testing Matt's patience.... until eventually, he climbed into the front seat with me and nuzzled himself behind my back... while I was driving 80 on the highway.  YIKES!  I pulled over as soon as I could and we switched and i managed to get him to sit still for the remainder of the ride home.

If you notice the picture above, we got him a little belly band to prevent him from attempting to spray in the house.  I ran out to get this because our homeward-bound odyssey was topped off with a spritz on the ottoman in the master bedroom- that was NOT going to happen again if we could prevent it.  Luckily, he was comfortable in the house after just a couple days and we got in a routine and trusted him that there would be no more leg-lifting.

Before we knew it, Friday rolled around and it was Matt's 29th birthday!  After I came home from work, we grabbed Beans and {anxiously} hopped in the car. This time, Matt drove and I held Beans on my lap.  He was a happy camper and fell right to sleep.  We got to the Shelter and they tried to turn us away, telling us to "come back tomorrow."  But we explained that its nearly an hour drive for us, so its not exactly convenient for us to come out- plus we were both working the next day and weren't able to come out.  So they quickly had us sign the papers and in 15 minutes, he was ours!  Best. Birthday present. Ever.

Matt and Mr. Beans on the kitchen floor.

Because of the rushed nature of things, we didn't really get to talk to them about his history. So now, we don't know much. We know he came to Massachusetts from California and that he had been taken in by the LA Animal Control. But we don't know if he was a stray, or surrendered, or neglected... or what. But we do know he's happy and healthy and the perfect little fit for us.  He never ever barks, and wants to be snuggled constantly.  I'm pretty sure he'd rather be held than walk. But he's very athletic at a whopping 11 lbs. He can go for 2 hour walks and be a-ok! {But boy does he crash as soon as he gets home!}

Doggy Camouflage!!
We've really integrated him into the family.  Everyone loves him!  We get stopped on the street constantly so people can pet him.  Matt experienced two elderly women who pulled over their car and got out to play with him.  I was eating at an outdoor restaurant with him and a woman talked to me for at least 10 minutes about wanting to take him home.  {After about the first 30 seconds it became somewhat creepy...}  What can I say- Mr. Beans is a ladies man.

Oh thats right!- we've essentially renamed him. {legally, he's still Beans.}  His new name is Mr. Beans. Of course, in honor of Rowan Atkinson's classic British slap-stick character.

The irony is that Mr. Beans has no affect ever.  He looks unimpressed all the time, even when he's SUPER excited and his tail wags like a maniac.  In fact, he wags his tail so hard, he wiggles his little butt to make it wag faster.  It's hysterical.

In honor of his name, I decided it was only fitting to get him a harness with a bow tie.  I bought it from Karen at LearnedStitchwork on Etsy.  I got everything super fast and its excellent quality.  He's quite the dapper guy, isn't he?

And now enough chatting.  More gratuitous pictures of my bizarre, but cute dog...

Sleeping on the couch, nuzzled against me. Apparently, he's made of jelly. 

Neighborhood Watch Chief: Mr. Beans.

Handsome devil!
If you would like to see the trials and tribulations of Mr. Beans- and maybe a couple other adventures that I go on without him-  follow me on instagram @temporarynest!  We've also had quite a few things going on here at the homestead in addition to the wee one. Which I hope to update you on soon! Hope everyone has a great week out there in the blogosphere!



  1. He's adorable! It looks like he's already made himself completely at home...and, in fact, might already be the boss. :)

    1. haha I think you might be right Dana! but we try to keep the illusion that he's not the boss.... but lets be real- snoozing the alarm doesnt happen anymore, because we hear his little paw click right over to the bed to go on his morning walk! haha but im getting more exercise than ever!!

  2. Aw, he's adorable! Congrats on your new family member! xxx


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