Monday, March 10, 2014

Passing down the Hobnail

Heya Nesters!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I had the unusual pleasure of having both weekend days off, so I know I did!  With my extra time off, Matt and I went on a little road trip.

I had found a gold mine of a Craigslist ad.  A woman in Bristol, RI was selling some gorgeous hobnail glassware.

Matt and I went to the Brimfield Antique Show last year and came away with 4 of the wine goblets. I love them and we actually use them!  And now that we're looking for our own vessels for the wedding, I've been on the hunt for all kinds of cool items and in that hunt, I happened upon this gorgeous lot. 

We drove down to Bristol, RI- over an hour and a half just to get there! And met a very sweet woman who was selling her Mom's prized possessions.  You could tell it was bittersweet, her giving away this piece of her Mom but allowing us to give it a new life.  I told her I hope to use 2 of the coupe style champagne saucers for Matt and I at our wedding. She told me that would mean a lot to her...  And even though I only knew her for 5 minutes. I was happy that we could make her Mom proud. 

After having a lovely lunch on the ocean, and another lengthy commute home, I hand washed each piece and laid them out on the dining room table.  Aren't they gorgeous?

Then they inspired me to make up the new Spring tablescape!

The tablecloth was on clearance at Target, and the placemats and linen napkins were a gift from my brother and sister in law from Crate and Barrel.  And the centerpiece is a feeble attempt at growing plants.  So far…. I think only one is dead.

So that's my long story! Gorgeous hobnail glass and some modern touches worked up a really cool and interesting tablescape!  I hope you guys enjoyed!


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