Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

As I'm sure you could tell I was a little miffed the other day. But something kicked in today... maybe its the sight of the sun ablaze after what feels like weeks of torrents of rain and flood or maybe the warm days bringing birds back out and chirping away. This overcoming feeling of elation rose in me and a grin grew across my face.
**It's Spring**

Its a feeling I get twice a year. The first true sign of Spring and the first snow fall. I admit that currently I am much happier that Spring has sprung rather than seeing any form of snow. 

As you know I am enamored with all things yellow. Here are a couple things that make my yellow heart go "thump, thump"...

 This brilliant bedding is from Crate and Barrel by Marimekko. As most of you know, this comes in many different colors but this one is so shamelessly Spring-y.

  Keeping with the yellow theme right now. I'm thinking of taking this cotton calico from JoAnns fabrics and stretching it over 3 different canvases that you can pick up at AC Moore or Michaels for a few bucks and hanging them right in a row in the kitchen or maybe even in bathroom! 
Happy St. Paddys day Folks and let me know if you have any other Spring-inspired DIY ideas! 

PS: Buttercup is coming along! Almost ready for her reveal post! Stay tuned....

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