Monday, March 15, 2010

The Waiting Game....

One thing I find so frustrating about apartment hunting -- as I'm sure most of you do-- is the timing. You get anxious and start looking for a place early but most apartments aren't available until a month or 2 before hand. For example: I have a "flexible" move in date. My lease is not up until the end of August but I have had it up to here *NB: see hand in stratosphere* with roommate living. I have, sadly, taken to staying in my bedroom only to avoid the all-consuming palpatations and near panick attack feelings I get knowing my roommates sheer existance and presence in my home.

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I know it shouldnt bother me so much. It's her kitchen too and she can cook in it as much as she wants. But in my fit of rage it turns more to... "How dare she use my vintage copper pots and pans!?"  I know. I've lost it. Frankly- it's been nearly 2 years of pent up tension that has caused me to just teeter enough to plummet over the edge.

With that being said, I'm growing increasingly impatient with finding a place. But what do I do? I had 1 old roommate break our lease to move home and I fear that our landlord will not be honky dorey with the prospect of my wanting to do the same a mere 6 months later. However, if I were to find my own replacement... perhaps it would be more palletable? So I'm stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place. Do I wait out until August to find a new place? Or do I risk it and try to get out of the lease early? I have said from the beginning that if I were to find my dream place, without question I would break my lease. I guess I will just have to be as honest as possible with my landlord and hope that he sees where I'm coming from.  Oh the plight of the renter.

Since I seeing my first option, I have contacted what feels like a million rental agents. Roberta, who showed me the first one really put a bad taste in my mouth when I told her I wasn't interested in the apartment.  I tried to give her excuses but she had a rebuttle for each and what I really wanted to say was "I just wasn't in love with it." How do you explain that to someone? Theres no particular reason (okay, maybe the tandem parkin did me in) but this was just not meant to be my home. She continued to agrue with me about it and got rather nasty and I explained that she called me at work and that I had to talk to her another time. Since then, I have dodged several of her calls.  I hope that she has gotten the hint that I'm not interested in continuing to do business with her.

I had also had an appointment set up for last Monday evening to look at several places with a realtor named Alan, who seemed like a much more reasonable, level headed person than Roberta from the get-go.  Unfortunately, he told me he would have to reschedule our appointment because in doing research he found we should wait a few weeks. This would allow us to find a place that would be available on a move in date that I would find more desirable. (I prefer to move in the spring/early summer because I wouldn't want it to be snowing on moving day!!)  So, I'm waiting on him to email me next week. Another step in the right direction is that Matts sister/my friend, Marion, gave me the contact person for her realitor from her last apartment. I never saw Marions old place but supposedly it was huge, nice and well maintained, not to mention across the street from my gym and around the corner from Matt. It's perfect!! That is if something is available in my price range........

So, here I am ... feeling frustrated, just kind of waiting. *shrug* Every listing on Craigslist? I've already looked at. Every realitor to contact? I've contacted. So for now... its a waiting game... Maybe Andy Warhol should be my realtor....

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