Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oprahs-- I mean-- Gina's favorite things.

I am constantly perusing the interwebs for bargains and coupons and all around good deals. But sometimes, there are those things that one finds that are certainly not within your budget but you still covet.  Check out my wish-list of items that I visit at their home(page) and just say "haaaaaay" and move on with a tear in my eye.

I cannot wait to spruce up the kitchen in my imaginary new apartment.  This little fella' is one of those things that is a great deal and will make a big difference.  In my new kitchen this will make things cheery.

You can find this here on one of my favorite websites, Smart Bargains. As you can tell with my sprucing up Buttercup that I love yellow. Its a color that's easy to go overboard on so you have to keep it simple and choose the right tone of yellow. A soft warm yellow will be soothing, whereas a bright cooler and greenish yellow can cause a sense of urgency, as many very bright bold colors can. Which is one reason the interior of many fast food chains are bright and bold- they want you to get in and git out! Betcha didnt know that one?! 

Keeping with the theme of kitchens, Pier1 has a fantastic wall decor set of GIANT fork and spoon. In fact its on the homepage right now. I LOVE it.  My first year in fashion school, my father gave me a giant wooden pair of scissors for Christmas. He's got great taste. I'll do a posting about his NYC apartment next month. Regardless, while these 2 are slightly out of my price range, I will keep an eye on them in hopes of a sale.... or a Christmas present.... hint... hint...

I dont know about you but I am a sucker for a nice lamp and man-o-man I am in love with these.

These are Crate and Barrel's Optic Sea Glass table lamps and they are $89.99 each. I nearly had a heart attack when I opened my daily Crate and Barrel email and saw these as a great steal.... why, you ask? Because I bought the same exact lamp at the Christmas Tree Shop in clear (which matches with everything) glass for $19.99. I now have 2 of these on my yellow dresser flocking either side of my huge round IKEA mirror. Its very dramatic. I love it.

Another few things I love are sitting in my shopping cart on Amazon:
This is a Tracey Reese pillow that I love and I am actually going to tackle making this myself. It should be pretty easy and I'll take you with me as I make it!!

 I love this cutie little table clock. I think it would look fantastic on the top of a high book shelf. Let the little guy watch over the room.  In fact I love this high bookshelf from IKEA's Expedit series.
I would imagine that this will be a mandatory purchase once I get my new place. I love the idea of using it as a room divider. We'll see how I can make this work in my new abode. Perhaps, I'll add this gorgeous area rug in front of this bookshelf!  This is from World Market a great eclectic online (and sparsely around the US) store that is having a sale on all rugs! Go! Now!

I have so many other favorite things I could go on forever. But I wont pain you. Until next time folks...

Do you guys have any favorite items that you're oggling? Looking for anything in particular? I might be able to point you in the right direction!

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  1. We're looking for cheap, fashionable throw pillows. Any suggestions?


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