Monday, March 22, 2010

Second guessing

This entire blog is based on the notion that I am to move out and get a place on my own.. and then I went to see an enormous, beautiful apartment this evening..... And its a 3 bedroom....

Luckily its cheap enough that I could share it with only one roommate and still not break the bank. But that still includes that word that sends chills down my very short spine: roommate. **shiver**
It has me second guessing just because it has everything that I've been looking for. Off street parking in a large driveway that is not tandem parking. Washer and dryer hook-ups in the unit. Matt suggested to me to just buy cheap used ones from Craigslist and never have to pay for coin-op laundry ever again.  Since it is a 3 bedroom I could use 1 of the rooms for a sewing room. All the bedrooms are equally HUGE with good sized closets.  It has a very large, very dated eat-in kitchen with a formal dining room so that I could actually have dinner parties! YAY!

And then it all comes back to one question: But would I be as happy if I were living there with a roommate? And definitively that answer is a hearty "no."

Back to the drawing board for this lodging longer. 

Buttercup is a few twists of the screwdriver away from being complete and I cant wait for her reveal! I hope you cant either!  Stay tuned....

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  1. hey gina i am enjoying reading your journey with this. yeah looking at those huge 3 bedrooms will mess with your head. if you really are to fly solo, i think it might end up being smaller than you think is fine... but it will be fine, because you will make it utterly beautiful and uber- charming. how's that?! i know u will.


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