Sunday, March 21, 2010

Numero Dos

Matt and I went to see the apartment yesterday and there were again, its unique ups and downs. For a studio, it has great square footage, but its laid out in a strange way. It has a giant kitchen with plenty of room for a full size table and what would be the bedroom is HUGE but considering it would have to double as the living room. It wouldn't cut it.  Less than a year ago Matt and I ventured out to Jordans Furniture and got a fantastic 96" (AKA HUUUUGE) couch on the cheap and I don't want to sacrifice that for the cost of this unit. It just isnt the right fit. I know I can get a place that's bigger for that price. I really need to have a full 1 bedroom with a living room and I would even give up having a larger kitchen if I could have separate living and bed rooms.

If I were to take this place, I would put a large kitchen table in there with comfy cushioned dining chairs. Think about it: if the only place you can house guests is in the kitchen, you better make it comfy to sit around that table and drink wine and eat glorious food and chat the night away. The floors left little to be desired so I would put a beautiful indoor/outdoor rug. Perhaps something like the one in this post. Or something like this Jute rug from Pier 1.
It keeps it simple and allows for the other accents in the room to make the pop instead of drawing attention to the floor.  I would love tossing these babies onto some white upholstered dining chairs to add a little pizazz to this kitchen.


The realtor also mentioned he has a place that is literally a block away from Matt. The downside is that it is a 3 bedroom and I would have to get a roommate.  (NB: This is exactly what I dont want) It is cheap enough that I could split it with only 1 person and have a 3rd room as a sewing space. The square footage he said was something around 1300 sq ft with hardwoods throughout. Hearing all this makes my heart skip a beat!  I think we may try to take a look at it. And if I were to go for it, I would be the only name on the lease and have a sublet so that if push comes to shove, I could has them to move out. But I really want to live alone. *sigh* Whats a girl to do? I guess I just have a whole lot of thinking to do.

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