Friday, July 23, 2010

Hang Your Hat...

Heya Nesters!  Now that I've cleared out those two Ikea bookshelves and replaced them with this one. I've found the space around the TV stand unbearably empty. 

I want it not to feel empty anymore, but I also don't want to feel cluttered.  I've already started contemplating the space under the clock which I'll highlight in another post. But the other side next to the door deserves a warm, welcoming addition since its the first thing you see as you open the door. 

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 So I thought a perfect lightweight addition would be a coat rack!  Not only would it add storage, it would also stir up a homey feel in guests.

Just kidding!   This is not the coat rack I'm looking for.  Something about dismembered baby limbs don't scream "Come on in, take a seat!" to me?

Maybe something a little more along the lines of this:

Now, my lease pops to mind when I see something like this.  It states that I'm not allowed to screw anything into the wall. I already forgot about that little teeny, weeny fact when I screwed in the window treatments.   I don't need to test fate and further harm my chances of getting my security deposit back any more than I already, accidentally have.  I can't exactly just nail these into the wall if they're going to be holding up potentially hefty winter coats this winter.

This standing coat rack is cute, girlie, convenient with the wicker baskets for discarded hats and gloves.  But maybe its a little too cute and girlie, even for me. It's also a little out of my price range.

This is a glorious combo!  Again, it's pretty girlie but nothing a coat {get it? a coat?} of paint or stain wouldn't solve! And I love the chair coupled with it for taking off those muddy boots!  By George I think I've got it!  Now let the hunt begin for a cheap (maybe even free?) Craigslist standing coat rack to fix up! 

I can't wait for this one! Stay tuned to see the progress!


  1. I was at urban outfitters today and they had a nice basic but cute coat rack. I liked it because of it's classic style but awesome color choices.
    It also made me think you could spray paint an old coat rack a bold color to give it a new look.

  2. Sue-

    Thanks so much for the tip on urban! I LOVE the green and it would totally work with my color scheme but the price tag is a little out of my league! I've been on the prowl for something cheap at yard sales to no avail. Hopefully I can come across something on Craigslist to spray the bejeezus out of and make it all glossy and pretty! :) Thanks again for droppin' by and for the link!



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