Monday, July 12, 2010


Sunday morning after a little R and R, I decided to pick up my behind off the couch and head over to Walmart with one of my girlfriends.  I made the trek for other reasons that shall remain a mystery to you guys for now.  {Insert evil cackle here}  But I was lucky enough to stumble across some other goodies while I was there!

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I found these in the stationary section.  And when I first saw the display I was torn! They had the same collection in 4 different colors: Green, Brown, White and Yellow. Of course they pull out all of my 4 favorite colors.  {Do you think the Walmart designers read this blog!? GASP!} If I had gotten one of everything my desk would have looked like a beach ball. So that was a no-go.  Plus I only needed 2.  I weighed getting two different colors but then looked at the tag.  For some reason, the brown was only $2 for this document box, but all the other colors were $6!  Why? I don't know, but it sure made my decision easier!  Two chocolate boxes landed in my cart and under the scanner.

So lets reminisce: this was my desk "before"...

I haaaated how you could see the files and papers in my old document box, on the left of the desk.  So that problem has been resolved! I literally put a lid on it! Now to tackle the over sized pencil holder that is on the right side of the desk. 

I filed away a good portion of the papers that were to fill both of those brown boxes, leaving one empty and screaming to be filled.  PERFECT! Luckily, each box came with removable cardboard dividers allowing me to arrange all my doodads.  I took all the desk junk {tape, rubber bands, electronic accessories, etc} and fed it into the second box.  

Finally!  All those extras that aren't used regularly are out of sight and out of mind.  Now what to do with the pens and pencils that I need at my fingertips? 

I had enough foresight to save a recent pasta sauce jar. I removed all the labels and I had it in the cabinet just waiting for a purpose.  {Oh lord, another addition to the glass menagerie!}  I freed it from the confined space of the cabinet, chucked the lid, tied a pretty little bow around its neck and it was ready for those writing implements! And of course you remember the vase-turned-marker holder by its side.

Not too shabby! I'm so happy with the clean, clutter-free look my desk has now. {Notice the coaster?}

So what little changes have you made to your office space, or dresser that makes it more clutter-free? Any new tips for all to know? Please share!

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