Friday, July 9, 2010

Dress Form Decor

For the last few years I've been so totally ahead of myself in home decor and I didn't even know it!  I was saddled with a dress form out of necessity for my creative side. Its not pretty, cotton muslin with pins and markings all over. Little did I know, this was such a wonderful addition to my decor. 

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In some surfing of the interwebs, I kept coming across this theme of all kinds of mannequins: classic -like I have, iron, deconstructed, even vinyl! Take a peek:

Here is a funkily accessorized classic.

Now this is a dress form fit for a princess in this regal suite! Even in a childrens' room it can make a big statement.

This dress form found its second life over at Mimi Torias Designs and is being used for a display. 
{Click the link to see how they deconstructed this one!}

This is an uber-girlie decorative dress form that works well in a teen-fashionista's bedroom.

And then of course there is the mannequin that takes up zero floor space! Vinyl wall decals are a great option for us renters.  We can stick them up in small spaces to create illusions but conserve floor space and take them with us when we leave without mess.  You can find these all over the web!

What do you guys think?? Love it? Hate it? Which is your favorite??

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  1. i like it! But mine would clearly be for decoration purposes only...not for actual sewing!


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