Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Fight with a Bookcase.

Hey Nesters! I have a new addition to my home.  But it was a fight...

I got the Target Room Essentials bookshelf yesterday evening after work and put it together all by my lonesome!  Though it was too heavy to lift on my own, I managed to slide it from the shelf to the cart, and the cart to the car.  Then I had to call that strong man-o-mine to help me get it into the house, and the mayhem ensued...

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Actually, that's untrue: it all started over the weekend when Marion and I were at Walmart.  They had the best price for a white 5 shelf bookcase at $25. So, in the cart it went and as soon as I pulled the pieces out at home, I saw one of the sides was cracked. I lifted it, to turn it on its side, and the crack turned into two halves. *Two Thumbs Down!!*
Thanks a bunch Walmart!  A-returnin' I will go, however, it will not be for a while seeing as though the nearest Walmart is not very near at all. *Two additional Thumbs Down*

Fast forward a few days, and I have my nearly identical Tar-jay purchase at home. I like to think I'm pretty good at following assembly instructions... this was nearly impossible to decipher. 

About an hour later, I have a whole lot of nails and gadgets left over, and a not super solid white bookcase but luckily, with the books in there and thanks to the help of gravity, it held up pretty nicely and doesn't look to shabby either. 

Despite all the craziness that was required to get this damn thing in here... it was worth it. 

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