Monday, July 26, 2010

Acting Shadey

Heya Nesters!  Welcome back and let me update you all on the latest and greatest.  I finally headed out to Target to exchange that darn lamp shade that didn't fit and was left as a slightly disgruntled customer. 

Of course, I decided to head out to the store in the torrential rain and was left needing to use the shade I was returning as an impromptu umbrella.  {Maybe I should just find my real umbrella...}  Luckily, since it was bagged the customer service girl, gladly accepted it back and I squished over to the lighting section.

I found a cream colored barrel shade while I was there, but I suspected it still wasn't going to fit over the bulb socket.  Since I didn't have a handy dandy measuring tape on me, I had to McGyver a measuring tactic.  I found a duplicate of the shade that I had just returned, since I knew that was too small, then took the return receipt and traced the size of the hole in the receipt and used that to compare to other shades.  It may sound archaic, but it worked! Sadly, that perfect cream colored barrel shade was too small!  In fact, only one worked.

It was in the World Travels section, away from the normal lighting section-- where I found the lamp base to begin with.  It was a heathered cream color, with a standard, wide cone shape. Since it was the only one that would fly, and it was on clearance, I scooped it up. 

I was elated when it worked like a charm when I brought it home but... really? A Target lamp base isn't standard on all Target shades? Has anyone else had this problem? It's not the look that I wanted but I had to take it.  Hence being a little disgruntled.  Maybe I'll have to keep an eye out at other retailers for a replacement. 

Despite it all, I'm happy to have it up and running in my bedroom on my dresser. Looks pretty cute right? It's got a little bit of a European vintage feel that I'm loving. What do you think of the final product??

Stay tuned for more goodies from Temporary Nest!

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  1. I love this shade with the lamp, very nice! I have had the exact same problem with Target lamp shades not fitting their lamps in the past well. You have to be super careful when buying stuff like that there. Glad you found one that fits!

  2. I love that lamp and it looks really good on your dresser...I was wondering where you were going to put it!

  3. Had the exact same problem. I thought about installing a lamp harp since I'd be spending about $4 instead of the $20ish that Target charges...but was completely bummed when the 3 Target lampshades I already had didn't fit. I feel your pain! But it is worth it for this lovely, distinctive lamp.

  4. I love the lamp and am trying to find someplace or some website that sells it since it's no longer available at Target, according to their website. Any suggestions?

  5. Hi Anonymous!

    Well have you tried eBay or Craiglist? They can be hit or miss but its all about persistance on those sights!! Otherwise, I would try calling Target's customer service. I've made lots of headway with being nice to CS people and they've really gone out of their way to see that my needs were met. So they could probably tell you if they had any in distro's or stores all over the country.

    On the other hand... if you wanted to get craft, you could always buy a glass lamp (they have them everywhere in every price range nowadays) and get a glass etchign kit and etch it in for a more subtle look. Or you could get paint (make sure its a paint that will adhere to glass/porceline- they will say it on the bottle) and just paint it on. I bet it would be just as beautiful and you could pick a number that was significant to you!

    Could be a fun little rainy day project!

    Good luck!


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