Monday, July 19, 2010

Brimfield: Part I- Doppelgangers

Heya Nesters!  Did you all have a good weekend? You bet your bottom dollar that I did, Annie! Matt and I grunted and groaned, waking up with the sun to get ourselves to the Brimfield Fair.  The Brimfield fair is the second largest flea market and antique show in the country located in Western Massachusetts and we're lucky enough to be a short hour long drive away.  I had high hopes and a tight budget in mind but I knew I would pull away with a noggin full of ideas since lots of the antiques would be "out of my league."

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I know we all ogle over Restoration Hardware's furnishings and lets be real here- as renters, I know for sure none of us can afford any of it, otherwise we'd be owners! So let's look at this statement coffee table.  It's industrial, masculine and thirteen hundred buckaroos.  

And now let's take a peek-er-oonsky at a Brimfield find...

Anyone else see a resemblance?  If I recall correctly, these were going for around $300.  Yes, that is one thousand dollars less than the Restoration Hardware version.

Now, if you remember from one of my first posts, I was dreaming about buying this yellow kitchen cart.

So, lets take a peek at its vintage doppelganger, shall we?

I would have taken this home in a heartbeat, alas, because it was aluminum instead of wood, and it was vintage and in spectacular shape, it was $250.  Still, a fairly reasonable price for a unique kitchen cart but definitely pricier than the once-upon-a-time Smart Bargains $199 steal that can now only be found on eBay with a buy it now at $215.  {So... tempted... to bid...}

I couldn't help but be reminded of my conversation with my sister-in-law Molly about re-purposed dining tables when I saw this gorgeous antique table using architectural salvage pieces.

GORG! {Oh, yeah ... and who doesn't love that yellow?! Swoon!} With this set up, taking a photograph seemed like taunting death enough.  I dare not even touch it let alone ask how much it cost.  This would have been one of those "out of my league" inquiries. Ho hum. I'm sure it will look beautiful in some rich persons mansion.

I wish I had been more forthright with my camera earlier on and taken more pics of more of the amazing things. I have more coming to you tomorrow. Including the goodies I actually drove away with! So, stay tuned to see!

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