Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Love Lamp

Hey Nesters! You may remember some time ago I was on the look out for a lamp. While I did my best to find a unique (and possibly antique), inexpensive, glass jug lamp at flea markets, yard sales and on Craigslist, none really tickled my fancy.  It was one of those situations where nothing was exactly right... or if it was it was exorbitantly overpriced.  Something like this, for instance...

Sadly,  this lamp can be found here for a mere $428! Us common folk cannot dole that kind of green out for some green glass! So I kept looking.

Click READ MORE to see what I ended up with!
A few months back, I had spotted a light green jug lamp at Target in their World Travels section. It had a gold type on it saying "No. 5" which threw me off but in the weeks that followed I found myself stopping in that isle to visit it.  As of late, I tried tirelessly to find it online to no avail and no other Target stores carried it! After increasing thought about this one lamp and let downs at other retailers, I bit the bullet today and bought it. 

Before, the "No. 5" threw me off but now, I think it makes it what it is.  

What can I say, "I love lamp."

If you're familiar as to how Target lamps work, the base, will say small, medium or large. You then find the small medium or large shade of your choosing to go with the base.  Easy, right? Hardy Har Har! I bought a medium shade to go with this medium lamp base.

Notice, the silver base of the shade doesn't slip over the bulb socket?  *Sigh*  I should have tried it in the store! I'm going to have to take the shade back and see if a large one would work. 

I'll be sure to measure the diameter of the socket before I go back in. But I am not giving up on this one. I love this lamp and I am going to find a shade that fits!

So that's my newest addition! I haven't even decided where its going to live yet.  More to come on that, so stay tuned!

Nester Update! Check out the outcome of this lamp and shade debacle right here!


  1. Love it! I live the No. 5 on it. It draws the eye to the lamp and makes you say "is that a jug?"

  2. Thanks Tammy! I'm so happy I picked it up before I lost the chance forever! It's my new favorite piece of glass in my little menagerie! :)

  3. I just bought the same lamp last night.(and I got it for highway robbery...a mere $'s originally $39.99) I didn't love the green color at first, but was drawn to the "No. 5". Chanel #5 was my mother's favorite perfume, and thus became my middle name. The reason that I found your site, is because I was online searching for shades! I bought one with the lamp, got it home--ring too small. Target carries no shade that fits this lamp (real smart right?). I was told that maybe the lamp came with a shade, and someone removed it. I too had seen this lamp before, left it...and came back later (well...went to another Target, and saw it again, and I think it was for the best because the first one I saw was only on sale for $27.98) I have now been to 3 different Targets since I bought it, no luck. I have, however found a shade that works, however the shade comes on those lamps they have on sale right now for $16.99, one of those teeny bopper/college dorm decor pieces. The shades are horrible colors, and on the smaller side--but they are the right kind of shade, *sigh*. Guess I'm still on the prowl, and if I find anything, I'll come back and let you know!

  4. DC-

    OH! I am so jealous that you got it for so cheap! It would make it such a sweeter lamp if it was only $9.98! It was gone in a flash here, so I was terrified of losing it forever if I didnt pluck it off the shelf right away! I believe the shade I ended up getting was the "right" one and it was on sale for $10.00. Check out what it looks like here:

    Thanks for your ideas though! I'm definitely going to keep my eyes out for a better shade, so let me know what you find and I'll blog about any news I come across!! :)

    Hope to see you around again soon!


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