Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brimfield: Part II- Loot

Yesterday I teased you guys and showed you some cool things that I saw at the Brimfield fair but I didn't get a chance to show you my loot. Well, "loot" really entails more than just two small steals, I suppose. So shall we call it my measly little purchases?  

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When I had told my brother we were going, excitedly, he asked that should I "find any weird taxidermy lamps, pick it up!" for him.  He loves taxidermy... and where better to find it on the cheap than at a flea market!? Lo and behold, after 20 minutes we stumbled across a deer hoof lamp that looks something like this {sans the shade}...

Again being the bad, un-forthright with my camera blogger I am {and then an excited at the moment, sister giving a pressie to her big brother} I forgot to take a picture of the lamp! But the photo above is really very accurate to what it looks like.   I had text messaged my brother about it as soon as we saw it and stopped by on our way out to see if we could get the price down at all.  The dealer stood at a solid $50 and I was walking away from it saying, "Molly would kill me anyway."  But sure enough, the dealer called me back offering me a $40 bargain.  SOLD!  Molly is going to kill me. 

The highlight of the day {no, not the terrible Cat Stevens impersonator at the food court}  was the purchase of a pocket watch.  Lets rewind a little. A few months back, I was trolling the interwebs for DIY ideas on one of my go-to sites, Design Sponge.  I found this amaaaazing DIY project for a larger-than-life pocket watch

It's a pretty big undertaking and requires a lot of bits, so I had been procrastinating a smidge on it.  It was all for the best, when I walked up to one booth at the Brimfield Fair, and hanging on the wall, was this glorious, brass wall clock that looks like a pocket watch. 

It's way more detailed than I could have made with the DIY project. 

But don't get me wrong-  a DIY project has a whole other set of pride attached to it which would be nice.  I tested my haggling skills with the dealer from a whopping $22 down to $20, as he insisted that Matt wear it around his neck like Flavor Flav.  He did not, but was nice enough to carry the deceptively heavy clock around for the remainder of the day.

So that's it for what I walked away with!  It may not seem like much, but I must say, its tough to go there on a budget and with such an overwhelming amount of booths and dealers.  What do you guys think?  Have you found anything that you love at a flea market or yard sale? Let us know!

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